Listen effortlessly. Be part of the moment.

An AI-powered assistive listening solution that enables hard-of-hearing individuals to experience everyday social activities without the hassle, just like everyone else.

People smiling and dancing while listening to music

Introducing Bettear

A new standard of assistive listening.

Introducing Bettear

A new standard for assistive listening

Arrive at a Bettear-accessible location

Download and set up the Bettear app

Connect to hearing aids or headphones

Enjoy the moment without missing a thing

Audience at an auditorium

Experience a world of audio-accessibility without barriers


Arrive at a Bettear-accessible location

women using her smartphone
crowd dancing
Women with hearing aid

Download and set
up the Bettear App

Bettear App
Bettear App

Connect to hearing aids or earphones

men using smartphone
Men with hearing aid

Enjoy the moment without missing a thing

women dancing

One solution.
Endless opportunities.

Thanks to Bettear, institutions of all kinds -from concert halls to museums and universities -can offer full coverage of audio accessibility without adding extra staff or equipment - A win-win for everyone.

Music venues
Concerts halls
Tour guides
High schools

"The impact of Bettear ART's synchronized streaming solution on our museum has been truly transformative. Our legacy IR system was once a barrier to engagement and accessibility. This innovation has undeniably enhanced our museum's allure, creating an inclusive and individualized journey for every guest. ”

Moriah Lixenberg

CMO, Menachem Begin Heritage Center

"Bettear has provided the museum with a simple and convenient solution to make its shows and concerts audio-accessible. With the Bettear App, our visitors can effortlessly connect to the systems installed in the halls with just one button press and enjoy all the available content. The feedback has been great, and the impact was immediate."

Yifat Kidar

Project Manager and Head of Accessibility

"Thanks to Bettear, our tenants can once again enjoy music, culture, and various events. What makes the entire experience of using Bettear meaningful and successful is not only their innovative technology but also the supportive and responsive attitude of their team, who provide helpful guidance every step of the way."

Inbal Elazar

Director of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

Media coverage

Bettear: one start-up’s journey to bridging a technological gap in pursuit of auditory accessibility

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