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Listen with ease

Listen with ease

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Shaked Bigi

our community leader

“As a person who is hard-of-hearing, I had always struggled with background noise and poor sound quality, until I discovered Bettear. With this innovative technology, I was finally able to understand and enjoy audio content in a meaningful way. Now, as the community leader of Bettear, I am privileged to have daily contact with others who share similar hearing difficulties. Through our conversations, I learn how we can improve accessibility and work together to create a more inclusive world”.

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How can I know if a venue is accessible?

A map showing accessible locations can be accessed by tapping the map icon at the Bettear app's main screen, where you can easily search for accessible venues.

*Only venues with a permanent Bettear system installed appear in the accessibility map.

*For events in venues without a permanent accessibility system, contact the event organizers to verify that the event is accessible with Bettear.

I have a hearing aid or cochlear implant, does the Bettear app support direct streaming to my hearing aid?

We do our best to support as many models of Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids and cochlear implants as possible.

Generally, if your hearing aid is connected to your personal smartphone and is used for phone calls and for listening to music streamed from your smartphone, it should work properly with the Bettear app.

If you don’t know how to connect the hearing aid to your smartphone, we recommend contacting your hearing aid supplier for assistance.

Can I use Bettear in more typical, day-to-day scenarios?

We are aware that face-to-face conversations in a noisy setting presents a daily challenge for many individuals, which is why the Bettear app also offers a "meeting" mode - a solution for a conversation in noisy environments, anywhere, based on the smartphone's microphone and without the need for additional hardware.

I am experiencing high latency (delay) between the sound source and my listening device. How can I fix it?

There are several possible causes for high latency audio:

  1. Using an older smartphone device or one with incompatible hardware, such as dual-band WiFi or a Bluetooth chip that does not support features required for low latency audio.
  2. Using a hearing aid that doesn't support features required for low latency audio.
    - Try enabling the "optimize Bluetooth performance" option at the Bettear app's audio settings menu.
  3. The venue may be experiencing a technical issue.

For an accurate diagnosis, please contact us at

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