Assistive listening, reimagined.

With Bettear’s Wi-Fi and Auracast Hi-Fi solutions, your audience can simply enjoy the moment using their own smartphones and hearing devices—no extra equipment, no hassle. It is all about streamlining Hi-Fi over Wi-Fi and Auracast™.

No extra equipment. No hassle.

All in one: Complete audio solution powered by AI and DSP technology.

Hearing aids of all types can be easily connected

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device.

Effortless setup -  Connect in seconds.

So, how does it work?

Bettear Show

Hi-Fi over Wi-Fi and Auracast™

To overcome reverberant environments, background noise, and other challenging acoustic conditions, Bettear’s devices connect directly to various audio sources, such as microphones or sound consoles, and efficiently sample the sound in real-time. It then streams the audio with low latency over Wi-Fi and Auracast™ to personal end devices such as smartphones, hearing-aids and many other hearable devices. 
Bettear offers an advanced hybrid mode to fully cover venues with Wi-Fi and Auracast™, ensuring the inclusive, high quality listening experience for everyone.

Mobile application

Attendees can effortlessly access the Bettear app by downloading it from different application stores, free of charge. The setup is easy, and suitable for people of all ages and technical skill levels, letting them connect their own hearing aids or earphones. Once connected, they can enjoy a high quality, personalized sound.

Bettear App
Bettear App

Audio personalization

Hard-of-hearing individuals, including those who experience any degree of hearing or cognitive decline, frequently encounter difficulties in comprehending and enjoying audio content to the fullest extent. Bettear offers manual customization and automatic calibration that guarantee an accessible, equitable, and exceptional listening experience.

One solution.
Endless opportunities.


Music venues
Concerts halls
Sport Arenas

Our assistive listening solution has a proven track record of effectively enabling individuals with hearing difficulties to fully enjoy live events by using their personal smartphones and hearing devices.

violin concerto
Real-time transcription displayed in-app
Personalized audio experience
Compatibility with hearing aids, cochlear implants and hearables
Optional Wi-Fi and Auracast™ receivers for attendees without smartphones
Remote maintenance and updates via the cloud
Full Wi-Fi and Auracast™ coverage for Indoor and outdoor venues

“Bettear enables people with hearing difficulties to experience everyday social activities and cultural events, with ease.”

Gali Simcha


Tour Guides

With Bettear, any museum or tourist attraction can effortlessly manage and stream audio and visual content, boosting accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments and elevating the overall experience for all visitors.

Cloud-based exhibition content and media management
Support for Timecode-based audio content
Support for multiple languages based on visitor preference and optional BYOD
Portable Auracast™ solution for tour guides
Hi-Fi audio streaming with low latency (Wi-Fi or Auracast™) for all visitors
Optional Wi-Fi or Auracast™ receivers for  attendees without smartphones

“Bettear enables people with hearing difficulties to experience everyday social activities and cultural events, with ease.”

Gali Simcha


High schools

Bettear provides a solution for students with hearing difficulties or ADHD to help them fully engage with lectures and not miss a single word.

Real-time transcription displayed in-App
Scalable solution for classrooms and lecture halls of any size
Effortless installation and seamless integration
Portable convenience for teachers and lecturers
Crystal-clear audio streaming with low latency
Inclusive implementation via an optional receiver is available for those without smartphones

“Bettear enables people with hearing difficulties to experience everyday social activities and cultural events, with ease.”

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Guides and Documents

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