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Bettear's state-of-the-art audio personalization research consists of innovative AI and DSP-based technologies that produce adaptive personalized audio to ensure speech intelligibility and a high quality experience of accessible audio for everyone.

Dr. Nir Fink
Dr. Nir Fink
Chief Science Officer

Most of the audio content that we encounter in everyday life is designed by professionals with normal hearing for listeners with normal hearing. We strive to promote inclusivity and accessibility for all individuals, regardless of their hearing ability, attention span, cognitive state, or other factors that may affect their listening experience.

The applied research is led by Dr. Nir Fink, an acoustics expert who has been studying the human ear for nearly three decades, focusing mainly on the effect of noise on speech recognition. For most of his career, Dr. Fink served as head of acoustics in the IDF Medical Corps where he led research on the effect of exposure to weapon noise on soldiers' hearing as well as developed innovative hearing protection devices and accessories.

Today, in addition to his research in Bettear, Dr. Fink serves as a senior lecturer and heads the Acoustics and Noise Research Lab in the Communication Disorders Department at Ariel University.

Our applicative research focuses on speech rate adjustment to slow down the speech of a "fast-talker", amplifying specific sound content such as a singer's voice over musical instruments, and adjusting whispered, normal, or shouted intonated speech range, among others.

Over a thousand participants have taken part in the company's research, contributing to an ever-improving understanding of the acoustical parameters that govern auditory perception. For instance, one of the studies examined the correlation between the listeners age and their preferred speach rate, while another has highlighted a strong and positive correlation between own-produced speech rates and preferred listening speech rates.

These quantitative relationships are incorporated into AI and machine learning-based technologies, which enable the real-time listening and understanding of audio content in varying daily settings, resulting in personalized and adjustable audio experiences. Bettear's research outcomes have been integrated into the company's products and will soon be incorporated into various third-party products.

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